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Rainfox Solutions Ltd. is a leading provider of cloud infrastructure and development services for small and mid-sized businesses. Whether your company is new to the cloud or looking for ways to lower costs and increase reliability, our experienced staff can help.

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Thinking about moving your IT resources to the cloud? Our staff can help your business lower costs while increasing reliability by moving your infrastructure to the cloud. Whether you're just looking for a backup and recovery solution for your important documents or need to move your entire on-premises datacenter to AWS, we're here to help.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters and accidents can strike at any time. How much does an hour of downtime cost your business? Is your data protected? From simple cloud backups to complex active-active deployments, we'll review your current disaster recovery policies and help you find the right balance between cost and recovery objectives.

Scalable and High Availability Solutions

We specialize in designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available solutions for your IT resources and applications. We'll design a hybrid or cloud-only architecture for your infrastructure that scales effortlessly no matter how your demand changes while keeping your costs low by deploying only the resources you need, when you need them.

Strategy Audit

The cloud is constantly evolving. We keep up with the changes so you don't have to. We'll help you review your current IT strategy and make sure you're using the best solutions for your business. We'll also review your security policies to ensure your data is protected, while looking for ways to optimize your cloud deployment to lower cost.

We're Serverless

Serverless technologies free your staff from the burden of provisioning servers, while also lowering cost by employing a resource usage billing model. By using serverless technologies like AWS Lambda and API Gateway, you can build flexible applications that scale infinitely to meet any demand while only incurring charges for the resources you actually use. No more paying for idle servers or worrying about how your servers scale with load. We'll help your team get started.

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